What are the benefits of Mediation?


Mediated decisions are ones that both parties can live with. They are your decisions and do not rely on the judgment of professionals who do not know you.

Mediation maximizes the opportunity for maintaining positive relationships both during and after the mediation process

You begin constructing your agreement now instead of waiting for 
attorneys or the congested court system.

By collaborating in mediation, you avoid duplicative employment of professionals and eliminate emotionally and financially draining court proceedings.


What are the benefits of Co-Mediation?

    The Co-Mediation Team enhances the mediation process by:

  • Providing a balanced gender perspective
  • Drawing on a broader scope of professional and life experiences
  • Using specialized team techniques
  • Allowing active engagement of one mediator while the co-mediator observes and assesses key dynamics and stumbling blocks
  • Modeling functional and effective communication skills the parties can learn and use
  • The ability to develop a comprehensive overview of the challenges of the mediation so that an optimal plan for resolution is created

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