Divorce Mediation

How does Divorce Mediation work?

The law requires that couples address certain issues when changing their marital status including child sharing arrangements, child and spousal support, property distribution and responsibility for debt. The mediator's role is to keep these issues in focus and identify emotionally sensitive issues which must be addressed to prevent the emotional buildup which so often entangles the typical divorce experience.

Divorce and post-divorce disputes are often the most emotionally challenging situations we experience. These events can bring out the best or the worst in us. How we respond to the challenge depends on our attitude about conflict and upon the guidance and support we receive in resolving the situation.


Your relationship never really ends. Memories and children connect you to a shared past. The decision to no longer live as a couple or a family means restructuring your relationship. You have the choice to do this either in an environment of respect and honesty or in an environment of distrust and hostility which is often encouraged in litigation.

Which experience do you prefer to have?

Which do you want to model for your family?

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