Services of Princeton Mediation

Mediation Services

This is where both parties, usually after free initial consultation with each party, decide to use mediation to come up with a divorce settlement or terms of their settlement or other type of dispute.

The mediator meets and interacts directly with the parties involved in the conflict, and acts as coordinator of the other professionals, including attorneys, to come up with a comprehensive settlement agreement and help reach an outcome that works well for each party.

Co-mediation is offered when a divorcing couple is more confident having the presence of both a male and female mediator. Co-mediation is recommended in high-conflict situations and in multi-party disputes.

Conflict & Divorce Coaching:

Conflict or Divorce Coach Services are provided in two ways:

As Process Guide:

This is specialize guidance in setting up best approach to resolve a conflict which is specific to the client’s need and values. Clients are guided in clarifying their goals for outcome and in defining how they would like the process to go. There are several options available on how one can complete a divorce or resolve other disputes, whether through the court or informally. Clients are educated on these options and strategies so they know what is possible and what they can reasonably expect from attorneys and the courts. Clients are assisted in the selection of attorneys who fit them and who will respect the goals they have set and the way they want their process to be handled.

After the resolution process has been set up, continued coaching is available during the process of resolving the dispute. Coaching is available to party in a mediation process with another mediator or where client is not using mediation and is instead attempting to resolve the dispute through attorneys or on their own.

As Conflict Coach:

Clients are coached individually to become aware of their own role and ability to influence the resolution of a conflict. Self-awareness and communication skills are taught which allows the conflict, to a great degree, to be resolved "from the inside out". This often reduces the time and expense spent in conflict situations and eliminates the need for a protracted legal process

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